RateFast Legacy



The original workers’ compensation software suite!

RateFast Legacy is the foundation for RateFast Express, and is the technology that RateFast uses to generate our class-standard impairment reports.

For you, that means having control of every aspect of how your workers’ comp impairment reports are written, as well as a highly organized system of storing and maintaining patient data. RateFast Legacy provides the same calculations for impairment ratings as RateFast Express. This includes WPI (Whole Person Impairment), apportionment, and future care.

RateFast Legacy can be used independently of, or in tandem with RateFast Express.

Finally, a standard for workers’ comp claims from beginning to end

Unbelievably workers’ compensation in California has no formal education, standardized forms for patient data aren’t necessarily complete, and the law requires much more than the physician can accomplish in the span of a few appointments. For many workers’ comp physicians, this is all additional work on top of the standard duties of running a practice!

We’ve meticulously pieced together each aspect of a workers’ compensation claim by turning the AMA Guides 5th edition inside out, to create the ultimate comprehensive software suite. RateFast Legacy accounts for almost any condition of a workers’ comp injury, and is flexible enough to accurately handle all of them.