RateFast Legacy for Insurance

Settle Claims Quickly

RateFast helps payors bring claims to a fair resolution.

National and Adaptable

Solutions can meet the legal requirements and impairment rating guidelines in any state.

A Full Suite of Tools for Payors

RateFast MMI Calculator The MMI Calculator moves claims forward by quickly determining whether or not an injury has reached Maximum Medical Improvement, and then recommending the next step.

RateFast Reporting Software The RateFast web application guides providers through workers’ comp exams, manages treatment authorization requests, prints perfectly formatted reports, and includes an in-built impairment rating feature. RateFast integrates with providers’ EHRs.

Impairment Rating Calculation Service Have a claim that won’t close? Send the documentation to RateFast. Within three business days, your organization will receive an objective impairment rating based on the reports, or a letter advising why the claim cannot currently be rated.

Impairment Rating Validation Service Not sure if an impairment rating is accurate? Send the impairment report to RateFast. Within three business days, your will organization receives a report on the accuracy of the impairment rating.

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