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Workplace injuries are painful enough.

  • Streamline work comp claims in your office.
  • Give insurers the information they need.
  • Give injured workers the accuracy they deserve.
  • No membership fees: pay as you go.
  • Cloud based: no download, no installation.

Write, save, and print all types of California workers’ compensation reports.

Doctor’s First (5021)

Primary Treating Physician’s Progress Report (PR-2)

Permanent & Stationary Report (PR-4)

Doctor’s First Report (5021)

Opening a work comp claim has never been easier. Record important information that will be used throughout the life of a workers’ compensation claim. RateFast ensures that you collect all the necessary information for a truly complete Doctor’s First report. No more dictation or filling out cramped forms; access and print perfectly formatted reports. Doctor’s First are $12.99 per report.

Primary Treating Physician’s Progress Report (PR-2)

Never write anything twice. Import data about patients and their injuries from prior reports. Collect information with the final PR-4 report and the whole person impairment in mind. RateFast ensures that your PR-2 report is complete. PR-2 reports are $7.99 per report.

Permanent & Stationary Report (PR-4)

Tired of digging through the AMA Guides? RateFast PR-4
reports include laser accurate impairment ratings! Swiftly conclude a work injury claim with PR-4 reports. Ask all the right questions: the RateFast PR-4 report prompts doctors to take all necessary measurements. Submit your PR-4 report for rating and you will receive a truly accurate whole-person impairment rating within 3 days. PR-4 reports are $129.99 per report.