Turn your phone into a tool for measuring your patients’ range of motion.

The goniometer is an indispensable tool for doctors in occupational medicine, where the range of motion can translate directly into the amount of compensation that workers receive for their injuries.

Features and Benefits of the RateFast Goniometer

  • Take your measurements from afar using camera mode.
  • Measure patient’s functional motion.
  • RateFast Goniometer is completely ad-free.
  • RateFast Goniometer allows you to toggle between positive and negative measurements using the (+) and (-) symbols.
  • Unlike other goniometers, you can also position your reference leg manually, or allow the leg to float naturally.

Want to learn how to use the RateFast Goniometer?

Check out our instructional videos.

Not sure when to use a goniometer?

Read our blog on measuring range of motion for an impairment rating or PR-4 reports.

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