100% Faster
Case Resolution

Expedites the workers’ comp process by fairly assessing pain and evaluating ADLs in coherence with AMA guidelines and actual medical findings of the injured worker

100% Optimal Case Settlement Costs

Implements USPTO-Patented “Variable Thread Analytic Computation” to discern apportionment and calculate a precise Whole-Person Impairment

100% Maximum
Process Productivity

Generates accurate Impairment Reports within 90 seconds instead of 90 minutes through validated data integrity compiled by over 70k successfully closed claims

Supported by Leading Insurers, Employers, and Medical Clinics

Learn the Date of MMI and Estimated Whole Person Impairment Value

(Based on 70k-plus workers’ comp cases)

How RateFast Makes Workers Comp Work For:

“Writing an impairment report would take me a very, very, very long time. RateFast is easy to use for my staff and myself. Generating accurate and fair impairment rating reports are no longer burdensome.”
- Neema Pourtaheri, M.D.
"RateFast has been pivotal in reducing frictional costs related to litigation, independent medical exams, and settlement delays. Their easy-to-use database ensures swift and accurate benefit payments, significantly accelerating case resolutions."
- Glen Pitruzello, Insurance Adjuster (Retired)
Nurse Case Managers
"Adjusters often reach out in desperation to close claims quickly. With RateFast, I can deliver final impairment ratings in a matter of days. This not only pleases the adjusters but also ensures future referrals, making RateFast my 'Ace-in-the-Hole.'”
- Eric Stocker, Nurse Case Manager.
“I used to use the AMA's software for PR-4 reports, but it didn't take into account important factors, like apportionment or whole person impairment. RateFast uses patient data to accurately assess a patient's activities of daily living to generate a higher quality report that I can trust.”
- Steven Schumann, M.D.
"RateFast for the win! The service RateFast has provided, has allowed myself and my team to move several stagnate files to settlement. The accuracy of the reporting is nothing less than I would expect from Dr. Alchemy, and the timeliness in which the review is done, completed, and final report received is second to none. This service would be an amazing tool for any claim."
- T. T., Senior Adjuster.
Nurse Cases Managers
“Despite skepticism, I submitted a referral with RateFast. It was simple! After the Claims Professional sent in medical records, we received a completed impairment rating report in days. RateFast seamlessly bridges the entire workers' comp process, making all stakeholders happy. Don't let doubt hold you back - both you and the adjuster will appreciate it!”
- Eric Stocker, Nurse Case Manager.
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