Closing Claims Quickly and Accurately

RateFast consistently provides clearly-indexed Impairment Rating reports reviewed by QMEs within 7-10 days.

Discerning Apportionment

RateFast’s proprietary algorithm scores pain, symptoms, and activities of daily living with physical exams and diagnostic testing across multiple specialties to determine fair Impairment Ratings.

Lowering Litigation Costs

RateFast’s innovative use of bin analysis decreases the need for additional reports, QMEs, or attorneys that draw out claims.

How Can RateFast Make Workers' Comp Work for You?

By providing a consistently accurate Impairment Rating report generated by proprietary algorithms and reviewed by QMEs.

RateFast For

Impairment rating reports in 3 to 5 days.
  • Close claims quickly.
  • No exams or scheduling necessary.
  • All body parts and injuries accepted.
  • Close your claim by the end of the week.
Provider won’t write the report? We’ll do it for you.

Primary treating physicians don’t like writing impairment rating reports.

With RateFast Express, they don’t have to.

Make fewer phone calls to providers’ offices and reduce requests for QMEs.

No patient? No problem.

Sometimes patients are MIA, but that doesn’t stop us from closing your claim.

Impairment ratings are created based on claims’ existing documentation. There’s no need to schedule a new visit or request an additional provider.

Just send in the most recent visit note and relevant chart information.

Close your most difficult claims with RateFast Express.

RateFast Express can bring any claim to resolution by delivering a rock-solid impairment report.

Perfect for the following situations:

  • The PTP refuses to write an impairment report.
  • The PTP’s report is inaccurate.
  • Difficulty scheduling the patient.
  • Difficulty finding a QME.
  • Complex claims that involve attorneys, case managers, and multiple providers.
Your workers’ compensation claims take too long and cost too much.

Don’t believe us? Look at the numbers.

Every week the claim remains open, insurance carriers are making payments.

It takes more than 30 days for a QME impairment report.

With RateFast Express, you can have a signed impairment report in your hands by the end of the week.

Fast. Accurate. Compliant. Get a report that sticks.

Reports include whole person impairment rating, work status, future care, and apportionment.

RateFast Express reports are written in the voice of the primary treating physician (PTP) using original charts and findings and signed by a California physician.

Impairment ratings are calculated in accordance with the AMA Guides and state-specific rulesets. Based on the patient’s existing chart, the ratable data is analyzed, and an accurate whole person impairment rating is calculated with the help of experienced workers compensation professionals and RateFast’s proprietary algorithms.

RateFast will be on hand to address any follow-up questions from the patient, their attorney, and other stakeholders—free of charge.

To authorize your impairment report, send us the Rate-Fast Express Request For Authorization Form to or fax to (707) 921-7924

Learn the Date of MMI and Estimated Whole Person Impairment Value

(Based on 70k-plus workers’ comp cases)

How RateFast Makes Workers Comp Work for Adjusters

"Rate-Fast's user-friendly platform makes the collection of accurate patient data and generation of precise impairment ratings seamless for the entire adjuster team. It's not just us at the desk but our management too who are thrilled with the faster, fair case closures."
- Glen Pitruzello, Insurance Adjuster (Retired)


RateFast leverages industry-leading scientific research and patented methodologies to expedite workers’ compensation claim settlements with precisioned accuracy. This innovative approach streamlines the evaluation process, significantly reducing the time from claim filing to resolution. By generating reliable reports swiftly, RateFast provides a dependable solution for insurance carriers aiming for efficiency.

The accuracy of RateFast’s impairment ratings is founded on extensive university-based research and has been validated by five patents. These data-backed ratings align with AMA Guides 5th Edition and modern medical evaluations, including apportionment. They provide insurance carriers with precise impairment values, curtailing disputes and litigation risks, while promoting fair settlements and stakeholder trust.

RateFast’s patented, research-backed methods and processes streamline workers’ compensation claims by incorporating components like California pain add-ons, apportionment, Almaraz Guzman analysis, future care, work limitations, and more. This holistic approach ensures that all aspects of a claim are thoroughly and accurately addressed from the start, expediting the settlement process. Rate-Fast enables insurance carriers to avoid repeated evaluations and lengthy negotiations, enhancing resource allocation and operational efficiency.







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