Bridging the Entire Workers' Comp Process

RateFast uses USPTO-patented technology to extract data from medical reports across all specialties to generate an accurate Impairment Rating for employees within 7-10 business days.

Enhancing Productivity and Time Management

RateFast’s simple-to-follow process ensures your time is used most productively, helping quickly close claims that satisfy both physicians and payers.

Maintaining Good Relations with Insurance Payers

With over 70,000 closed claims, RateFast’s reports provide consistent, evidence-based ratings reviewed by QMEs that allow payers to close claims quickly.

How Can RateFast Make Workers' Comp Work for You?

By streamlining the workers’ compensation process so that it’s easier to manage time and close claims.

RateFast For:

“RateFast is a wonderfully streamlined, convenient, and quick solution to one of every Case Manager’s hardest tasks- finding a physician to complete a PR-4 when no one else will. Rate-Fast developed a service which has proven itself again and again as indispensable.” Eric S. Nurse Case Manager

Impairment rating reports in 3 to 5 days.
  • Close claims quickly.
  • No exams or scheduling necessary.
  • All body parts and injuries accepted.
Become your adjuster’s new best friend.

Insurance carriers need your help to close claims ASAP. With RateFast Express, you can deliver a final whole person impairment report by the end of the week.

No patient? No problem.

Sometimes patients are MIA but that doesn’t stop us from closing your claim.

Impairment ratings are created based on claims’ existing documentation. There’s no need to schedule a new visit or request an additional provider. Just send in the most recent visit note and relevant chart information.

Provider won’t write the report? We’ll do it for you.

Primary treating physicians don’t like writing impairment rating reports. With RateFast Express, they don’t have to. Make fewer phone calls to providers’ offices and reduce requests for QMEs.

Get it done.

RateFast Express was created because workers’ compensation claims are too expensive, too slow, and too complex for everybody involved.

With RateFast Express, you streamline the process for patient, insurance carrier, and other stakeholders.

Put a stop to redundant reports and prevent exhausting back-and-forths between providers, patients, and payors.

RateFast will be on hand to address any follow-up questions—free of charge.

Fastest impairment ratings in the industry.

Eliminate cost and delay associated with delayed PTP reports and QME visits by taking them out of the equation.

RateFast saves insurance carriers time and money by preventing claims from dragging on.

Get a report that settles.
  • Check all of the insurance carriers’ boxes.
  • Our reports include whole person impairment rating, work status, future care, and apportionment.
  • Reports are written in the PTP’s voice using original charts and findings.
  • Impairment ratings are calculated in accordance with the AMA Guides and state-specific rulesets.
  • All types of injuries and conditions accepted including catastrophic injuries, psychiatric, and COVID-19.

To authorize your impairment report, send our Request For Authorization Form to your adjuster.

Learn the Date of MMI and Estimated Whole Person Impairment Value

(Based on 70k-plus workers’ comp cases)

How RateFast Makes Workers Comp Work for Nurse Case Managers

"Initially, RateFast felt 'too good to be true.' Yet, the adjuster and I received an accurate report in just a few days, which thrilled the adjusters. Rate-Fast makes the process incredibly easy. I encourage you to overcome the “too good to be true” voice in your head and just do it!” - Eric Stocker, Nurse Case Manager.


RateFast aids nurse case managers in handling complex workers’ compensation cases. Its patented methodology is scientifically validated to generate clear, defensible, and detailed impairment ratings. Providing clear and detailed evaluations, RateFast ensures reliable information for better decision-making and efficient case management.

RateFast streamlines impairment ratings, aiding nurse case managers to deliver results within strict timelines. Its efficiency in providing detailed evaluations reduces time spent per case. This is crucial for managers under deadline pressure, enabling swift resolutions to expedite the claims process.

RateFast supports nurse case managers in driving injury care toward effective resolution by providing thorough and accurate assessments of work-related injuries. It provides detailed analyses of work limitations and future care needs, crucial for creating appropriate care plans. With RateFast’s comprehensive evaluations, managers can develop targeted strategies, ensuring injured workers receive suitable treatment. This focused approach progresses injury care toward resolution, benefiting both workers and employers.