Rate-Fast General FAQ

Here is a list of our industry-specific FAQs:

Rate-Fast is an impairment rating service used by medical providers, adjusters, and nurse case managers to create fast, accurate, and consistent impairment reports (Permanent and Stationary Reports) for workers’ compensation stakeholders.

The Rate-Fast Impairment Report includes all elements needed for case settlement.

  1. Summary of history, examination and diagnostic testing relied upon.
  2. Whole Person Impairment (%WPI) with references to the AMA Guides and state-specific rulesets.
  3. Apportionment
  4. Future Care
  5. Work Status

Case documents are securely sent to Rate-Fast.

The impairment report is created, formatted, and returned within 3 to 5 business days.

Depending on the plan, Rate-Fast collects payment either from the provider or the insurance carrier.

Doctor’s First Visit (DFR), the last Primary Treating Physician’s (PTP) report, surgical reports, the latest diagnostic tests, and consultant reports.

Rate-Fast impairment reports are among the most accurate and rigorous in the industry. When generating an impairment rating, Rate-Fast analyzes all relevant parts of the patient’s chart using proprietary algorithms with direct QME oversight to ensure consistency, objectivity, and reproducibility.

Rate-Fast has completed thousands of reports for QMEs, PTPs, and adjusters. We have never had any reports denied by the DEU or judges for inaccuracy or non-compliance. Rate-Fast’s track record of impairment rating accuracy is the product of two patented medical impairment rating methods and a research team that includes two university physics professors and a NASA researcher. We consult with a retired workers’ compensation judge to ensure best practices for our reporting methods.

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Learn the Date of MMI and Estimated Whole Person Impairment Value

(Based on 70k-plus workers’ comp cases)

How Rate-Fast Makes Workers Comp Work for Employers

Rate-Fast Transformed My Case Resolutions, Cut Costs
“Rate-Fast has been pivotal in reducing frictional costs elated to litigation, independent medical exams and settlement delays. Their easy-to-use database ensures swift and accurate benefit payments, significantly accelerating case resolutions.” – Glen