FAQ for Adjusters

Here is a list of our industry-specific FAQs:

RateFast is an impairment rating service used by medical providers, adjusters, and nurse case managers to create fast, accurate, and consistent impairment reports (Permanent and Stationary Reports) for workers’ compensation stakeholders.

The RateFast Impairment Report includes all elements needed for case settlement.

  1. Summary of history, examination and diagnostic testing relied upon.
  2. Whole Person Impairment (%WPI) with references to the AMA Guides and state-specific rulesets.
  3. Apportionment
  4. Future Care
  5. Work Status

Case documents are securely sent to Rate-Fast.

The impairment report is created, formatted, and returned within 3 to 5 business days.

Depending on the plan, RateFast collects payment either from the provider or the insurance carrier.

Doctor’s First Visit (DFR), the last Primary Treating Physician’s (PTP) report, surgical reports, the latest diagnostic tests, and consultant reports.

RateFast impairment reports are among the most accurate and rigorous in the industry. When generating an impairment rating, Rate-Fast analyzes all relevant parts of the patient’s chart using proprietary algorithms with direct QME oversight to ensure consistency, objectivity, and reproducibility.

Impairment reports are required on all industrial injuries in accordance with state guideline and labor code.  Creating accurate impairment reports is confusing and time consuming for providers and staff. RateFast saves doctors valuable time and  reduces letters of inquiry about impairment reports.

RateFast reports are impairment ratings created on the basis of the medical provider’s own report of signs, symptoms and physical exam findings. The rating rule set (e.g. AMA Guides 5th Edition) are directly applied to the content of the report. In areas, where the AMA Guides are less defined, proprietary weight averaged values are used to prepare the data prior to application of the values. This approach to impairment rating is historically well accepted by carriers and regulators who value accurate and objective report results. In California, RateFast impairment reports (Permanent and Stationary PR-4 Reports) are delivered with a state licensed medical doctor/QME signature. The PTP may simply review the report and adopt it as the record of rating if he/she agrees with the report findings.

RateFast will review any letters of inquiry and create a response for our client within 3 to 5 business days at no additional charge.

RateFast yields a 22:1 return on investment for stakeholders compared to sending cases out to slow and expensive Qualified Medical Evaluations (QME), Agreed Medical Exams (AME) or Independent Medical Exams (IME) services which may cost thousands of dollars and take months to years to complete. A QME, AME or IME offers no guarantee of more accuracy or consistency than Rate-Fast. Rate-Fast is a fraction of these costs: Rate-Fast costs $975 for the first body part rated and includes 50 pages of document review. Additional body parts are $750 each and includes an additional 50 pages of document review. Additional page fees of $150 apply for each multiple of 25 pages submitted.

Download this form, complete the information, sign, and securely fax or email the chart to RateFast. Include: Doctor’s First Visit (DFR), the last Primary Treating Physician’s (PTP) report, surgical reports, the latest diagnostic tests and consultant reports.  

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